Any Doubts?

  1. Our services come in a complete package with Photography, Videography & Album. However, we will tailor it to meet your specific requirements. To find out more about our packages and pricing, we would love to schedule an in-person meeting or Skype call to answer your specific questions.

  2. Yes, and we can bring along a trusted assistant with us over and above your package includes. Besides helping with lighting gear, carrying bags, you will find our assistant invaluable during your wedding day. Especially during the formal portraits with family when they seem to stray away my assistant helps keeping everyone together.

  3. Yes, of course, it’s your wedding, and nowadays everyone has a camera whether a DSLR, iPhone or even iPads. Your guest want to record your special day as well. We just ask that the guest are respectful and not swarm the family photographs right away because we need all eyes on me for your images. Also we would request them to not move in front of the camera's.

    If your guest want to snap away in the background, we are thrilled that they are as excited as we are to capture your day!

  4. Yes, we do! We have packages for just the Wedding, Engagement + Wedding and Pre-wedding + Engagement + Wedding as well. This is a great time for us to get to know you and for you to get comfortable working with us.

  5. Typically between 6 - 8 weeks of the wedding date. Could be rarely delayed "if and only if" we have back to shoots and very less time in between to edit!

    Upon final approval of album designs most albums are ready for delivery within twelve weeks.

  6. Photographing models/people in the industry for years, we have become very good at PhotoShop while keeping everything looking natural. Along with posing and lighting techniques, we use PhotoShop to remove any flaws!

  7. No… Since we shoot so many images, the only images that get our “Signature Photoshop Edit” are your Wall Art pieces and anything special going into your album. If we PhotoShop every image, we would never be able to come out from behind our computers ever again, and that would be sad.

  8. Yes… Although we do not PhotoShop EVERY image you receive. They all are color corrected, and properly exposed, so they will look great whether you print them or post on social media.

  9. Expensive ones! That will give you high quality images and videos.

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